Triple "R" Equine Ranch Inc

    Rescue, Rehab, & Retirement


    Look back at our struggle for freedom,

    Trace our present day strength to its source. 

    And you'll find that man's pathway to glory,

    Is strewn with the bones of the horse!

    Author Unknown

       The goal for all equine is a safe, happy environment for the rest of their days. 

          If at all possible, we prefer to put them in homes where they can be productive and loved by their own special families.    Special needs sometimes limit available homes.  We keep as many as possible at the Ranch, shelter and funds permitting.  Our new programs are helping some find "jobs" right here and will call the Ranch home with lots of love from their farm family. 


          If an animal comes to us through law enforcement, animal control, is purchased to remove it from an unsatisfactory       situation, or an animal comes to us because of extenuating circumstances in his current home and is surrendered to the Ranch, it is considered a rescue.

       Rehab   When an animal comes to us due to an injury, disability, health, or soundness problem it is considered a rehab.



           If an animal has lost it usefulness, or is no longer needed, it may come to the Rescue as a program horse, lesson horse, or  companion animal.