Casper's legacy

Casper was a young stallion that came to us in the very first legal case in which we were involved.  On the Henneke Body Score system he was below a 2.  Horses this low are not allowed food but, in an effort to help, his previous owners fed him a large amount of sweet feed.  He seemed to be better but his body rejected the feed.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge with his head on our lap 4 days after arrival.  This mission is done in rememberance of sweet, kind Casper, a ghost of a horse.

Because they are worth saving

Our family has been taking in needy or no longer needed horses for many years.  Most of these were referrals from friends, and friends of friends.  Some were auction purchases to save them from the "kill pen,"  Some were Thoroughbreds or standardbreds that were retired race horses race horse drop-outs. 

2008 was the first year we worked with law enforcement in a legal case.  That is also the year we became incorporated and received our 501c3 non-profit charity status.  It was also a year of learning about our local horse community:  how many unwanted, throw-away horses there are locally; how many un-cared for horses there are in our area; .  We saw conditions we had never encountered in all of our years with horses.

After our first rescue case we received some interesting correspondence regarding the animals including "Are they worth saving," "What value will they have." At that time we made our goal the promotion and education of anyone interested in these valuable, rescued equine, because they are worth saving!  



Humans Helping Horses Help Humans...

Come for a visit but PLEASE...

Remember that this is our residence and home.  We are not a public business with regular hours. 

Triple "R" Equine Ranch encourages individuals to come out for a visit.  Visitors are welcomed at the Ranch but please contact us first.  For safety and insurance reasons, visitors are not allowed on the grounds without a Triple "R" representative.

We also welcome groups for Ranch visits and will gladly have a program for anyone interested.  We have worked with youth and senior groups, pre-schools, clubs, and scouts. 

The Ranch is located just south of the Greensburg, Indiana, city limits at Briar Ridge Farm.  Briar Ridge is a private Lesson/Boarding Facility.

Triple "R" Equine Ranch Inc

Rescue, Rehab, & Retirement